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Sliding wardrobe systems have a variety of mirrored sliding doors as well as plenty of wooden, paint finishes & many made to measure options. A Sharps bespoke Fitted wardrobes can stretch from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall, even fitting the most awkward shaped rooms. Hinged wardrobes doors are ideal for larger rooms, as they allow maximum access to your Wardrobes. In our services, We are the makers of sliding wardrobes, fitted wardrobes, hinged wardrobes by slider systems in Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom.

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The key features of SLIDER SYSTEMS design philosophy are modern forms, contemporary colors, thin lines, and minimalistic door frames. Slider Systems – exclusive prestige and world class design.


SLIDER SYSTEMS is committed to premium quality in every step. Innovative design concepts are developed in-house by SLIDER SYSTEMS designers. All the production processes – from the selection of materials to assembly – are carefully guided by high standards of quality control.


SLIDER SYSTEMS design solutions are inspired by the concept of successful living. Powered by modern technologies, SLIDER SYSTEMS opens up a whole new range of design possibilities.

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Outstanding and glamorous on the outside, efficient and hard-working on the inside. This is the general concept behind SLIDER sliding door systems brand. Unique contemporary design, rich color range, superior internal engineering. SLIDER is for people who want their environment to reflect who they are.

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Sliding Wardrobe doors

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Sliding Door

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Let one consider that sliding wardrobes were invented by the French, or rather, by Napoleon, who was tired of the mess in the barracks, and others – that the Germans were in need of rational and roomy furniture. The result…